Sweep command is the command used in AutoCAD 3D to Creates a 3D solid or 3D surface by sweeping a 2D object or subobject along an open or closed path.

Sweep Rectangular Profile LISP will probably stay in the history of lisp users as a favorite. it uses the function of the sweep command with a design that help the user create RHS (Rectangular Hollow Section) profiles in 3D based on input in a dialog box.

inspiration came from the old XPIPE lisp by ASMI that released many other useful ones,(can be googled under ASMITOOLS)

it will not be possible without the help of our great coder Stefan M. that every time surprising us with another awesome code.

This lisp is called by typing SRE at the command line, (SweepRectangle) and is used to create simple rectangular hollow section 3D Solids without the need to sketch anything (beside the path of course)

The dialog box will let the user type an input for width, height, wall thickness and fillet (as most rectangular steel profiles have some)

Sweep Profile AutocadIf its your first time using LISP please check this one for simple instruction: http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/acadblog/how-to-load-an-autolisp-program/


SRE In Action

SRE In Action

Download Link: SRE-SweepRectangularProfile  (the file compiled to vlx to protect the code)