Turnkey Project: Drip Irrigation System & Services

Our Drip Irrigation System Takes You From Design Concept To First Crop

Drip irrigation is an economical, micro-irrigation system that effectively uses water resources to maximize crop output. They are frequently used for agricultural farms where water resources are scarce. Installing a drip irrigation system is an efficient and affordable solution for your agricultural investments. Here are just some of the benefits you receive:

  1. Water efficiency. Less runoff, less loss, less waste.
  2. Root zone. Optimal water delivery.
  3. Versatile. Easy installation on any landscape.
  4. Savings. Up to 50% reduction in water usage.

Setting up a drip irrigation system requires an elaborate network or valves, pipes, tubing, timers and emitters. The irrigation system’s efficiency will depend upon the design, installation, maintenance, and operation.  Drip irrigation will reduce waste of natural resources, reduce the cost of cultivation, increase the yield of crops and improve farm profitability.

A Turnkey irrigation project provides you with an all-in-one solution to your agricultural investment. The concepts, designs, and installation process will all be handled by experts in drip irrigation. Here’s everything you’ll receive to take your project from design concept to the first crop:

Conceptual Design.

Drip irrigation systems require detailed planning and design. In this step, you receive expert advice about the following:  available water sources (i.e. rivers, dams, etc.), reservoirs, pumping stations, pipelines, economical energy solutions. Conceptualizing the project adapts the drip irrigation system specifically for the project site.

Detailed Design.

The concept is used to create a finely detailed drip irrigation design. This stage breaks down the costs and provides all the specifications to proceed with the project.


Finally, the project can be executed and may involve: land preparation (i.e. bush clearing, dam construction) setup and installation of the drip irrigation system.  

Drip Irrigation Systems and Designs by KIM Engineering Solutions and TAP

At KIM Engineering Solutions we provide the best drip irrigation designs and supplies from Israel. We have partnered with TAP, who are professionals in the execution of large scale agricultural water supply projects.

TAP specializes in developing uncultivated lands into agricultural farming facilities assets.

Together, we offer Turnkey solutions irrigation projects for agricultural investors worldwide.

Being flexible and considering alternative methods for irrigation for the needs of plants is another key point we always share with our clients. We can always look and consider different irrigation methods according to the terrains, water sources near by, water quality and more (Center Pivots, Sprinklers, etc.). The real conditions on your property might have issues that we can’t see on a map. That’s where TAP comes in and suggests an economical solution to a real-life scenario.

Looking at the long run, we consider water supply and energy cost as the number one factor during the preliminary design stage.

Some of our services include:

  • Drip Irrigation Planning & Supplies
  • 3D Modeling of Piping Systems, Pump Houses, Filtration Systems, and More
  • GIS & Mapping
  • Structural Design
  • Water Reservoir Development
  • Drip Irrigation Installation
  • Project Execution & Management
  • Cost Estimation

With our combined expertise, you have everything you need to get your agricultural investment started. We provide an all-in-one drip irrigation solution that takes you from design concept to your first crop.

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