Rotate Multiple Objects Around Center LISP for Autocad

The routine is designed to rotate/align selected objects to a user specified direction.

The Objects that can be rotated  Automatically are  TEXT, MTEXT, BLOCK or ACAD-TABLE.

Rotation point is the middle of the bounding box for Text, Mtext, and Tables. For blocks, the rotation point is the insertion point of the block.

For the alignment, there are three options: WCS, UCS, and 2Points. For the first two, the alignment direction is the X direction of the selected Coordinate System. Selecting 2Points will allow you to pick the alignment on screen.

The lisp can be used to fix messy drawings, (we got this requests from few clients) each user will find the benefit of this Automation.

To call the Command Type:  RMO

while selecting with windows selection method, the program will ignore object that isn’t mentioned above.

Hope you Enjoy the LISP and as always, please leave your comment.


Rotate Multiple Objects Around Center LISP Autocad

Lisp in Action












Free Lisp Autocad Rotate Objects













Download: Rotate Multiple Objects