Area Measure Autocad

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Autocad 2012-2019 (and verticals) Windows 7/8/8.1/10

AreaMeasure is a multi-units custom AutoCAD plugin that helps the user create measurements of polygons, providing a dynamic area field with auto numbering system and an AutoCAD table containing the measurements of polygons including a summary total.


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Area Measure is a custom AutoCAD plugin that helps the user create measurements of areas.

Installation and activation is quick and easy, purchase is made through this digital store with activation performed online from within the plugin.
After purchasing the product you will receive an email notification containing a link to the downloadable file and a unique License Key for activation.


AreaMeasure Capabilities:

-No matter which drawing units you are working with, you can measure an area and display the output in any Area Unit you wish.
-Drawing Units available: mm, cm, meters, kilometers, inches, feet, survey-feet, and yards.
-Area Units (output): Ares, Dunam, Hectares, Sq_mm, Sq_Centimeters, Sq_Meters, Sq_Kilometers, Sq_Inch, Sq_Feet, Sq_Yards, Acres. Autocad Plugins
-Measure area of all regular and irregular polygons created on AutoCAD.
-Number selected polygons automatically and shows the number in the center of the polygon
-Create dynamic field on the center of the polygon, (Label according to the output “Area Unit” the user chose)
-Create an AutoCAD Table according to the chosen polygons showing all polygons area by number and summarize them as a total area.
-Changes to a polygon can be refreshed using REGENALL (or type REA) on command-line, the area field, table details and totals for associated polygons are updated, the same applies for polygon numbering and layer.
-The user can edit the table and rearrange numbers.
-The table can be exported easily to Excel file.
-Numbering can start from any number user chooses, increment in intervals of 1 (Example: user choose start with the digit 5 then polygons will be numbered 5,6,7,8 etc.)


Note: This app suitable for Autocad 2012-2019 (and verticals) Windows 7/8/8.1/10

if you have any question feel free to contact us via this site \ skype: kimprojects

Checkout the GIFmedir el área del polígono Autocad below for short description.



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  1. Abdu

    one of the best i’ve seen!
    so cheap for what you get

  2. Albert

    excelente programa

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