Inventor Work Plane Visibility


Inventor 2016-2023, Windows 7/8/8.1/10

LifeTime License. 1 license per machine, Non-transferable.

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Inventor Work Plane Visibility Plug-in, developed for a fast and efficient way to toggle between visibility of Work planes, Sketches, Axes, and Points, without the pain of searching for it in the browser tree.
Simply click on the selected parts and use the show/hide buttons, or click on the interactive checkbox that will leave your selection on, until you unselect it. Save precious time in your assembly and parts edit!

Inventor Assembly work faster

with Inventor Work Plane Visibility, you can select multiple instances at once! just select multiple parts (Within the assembly environment of course) and show/hide which of the features mentions above in one click. don’t forget to set your selection filter to “Part Priority”. (shift+right click).

By default, while using content center parts, inventor will refuse to show the part features claiming its a standard part in your library and you cannot change it. but having access to existing work planes doesn’t do any change to part..anyway the plug-in solves this issue. now you have access to work planes and other “standard” part features.

Start the program > go to Ad-Ins tab and click on the icon, or alternatively the shortcut is “ctrl+2”.

You dont find the plug-in under Add-Ins tab?

Make sure its loaded! see GIF

complete your order and you will receive an email containing a link to download the program and a unique license key. Use the key to activate the program.

Activation Autodesk Inventor Plug-in

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