Inventor Work Plane Visibility


Free Inventor Plugin !!! 😛 

Toggle between visibility of Work planes, Sketches, Axes, and Pointswithout searching for it in the browser tree.


Inventor Work Plane Visibility

Show/Hide is an Autodesk Inventor Plugin app developed for a fast and efficient way to toggle between visibility of Work planes, Sketches, Axes, and Points, without the pain of searching for it in the browser tree.Show Hide Inventor Dialog Box Simply click on the selected parts and use the show/hide buttons, or click on the interactive checkbox that will leave your selection on, until you unselect it.

Save a large amount of time in your assembly and parts edit!

The plugin also work for multiple instances at once, so you can select multiple partsSelection Filter Part Priority Inventor (Within the assembly environment of course) and show/hide which of the features mentions above in one click (keep in mind that if you select multiple parts within an assembly, to set your selection filter to “Part Priority” inventor work plane visibility)

After filling your details with a valid email address you can download this plugin Free Of Charge.

You will receive an email containing a link to download the program and a unique license hide plugin activation dialog box

This code will be used to activate the program. After installation and activation you can call the command by going to Add-Ins tab and click on the ribbon icon.

Inventor Work Plans

(A shortcut also works as Ctrl+2)

If you have any questions about this product, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Checkout the video below for a short demo showing the program features.

Note: This program tested on Inventor 2015. 

Important Note: make sure your view settings are set ticked otherwise you may have some conflicts (“View” Tab “Object Visibility”)

Check out this short video for quick demo





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