Drip Irrigation KIT From Israel

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Drip Irrigation KIT From Israel

Up to 40 Irrigated Pots

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Drip Irrigation KIT With From Israel
Drip Irrigation KIT With From Israel

Drip Irrigation KIT From Israel! The ultimate solution for your garden. Start Growing vegetables, flowers, greens, and much more. The KIT comes complete with the necessary accessories and fittings, so you don't need to search any further.

Drip Irrigation KIT With From Israel!

Thinking about growing some plants but you always forgot to irrigate them? oh.. well-known story.

This KIT is the best solution in the market and offers a complete package for home growers.

our Engineering department designs Big systems for GreenHouse projects and we thought we can combine our knowledge to help the home growers to start doing the same just on Mini-Scale.

The Drip Irrigation KIT Comes with

-“Plas-Fit” Manual Ball Valve (Israeli Brand )

-Galcon (D7001) Timer AKA irrigation Controller (Israel)

-Electric Valve DC (Battery Operated), Actually Located Under The Controller so it might be confusing for some. (Galcon as well)

-“Bermad” Pressure Reducing Valve (Israeli Brand) To protect your Drippers From Over Pressure

-“Amiad” 130 Micron Filter (Made In Israel). as a rule of Thumb the Filter should stop particles sized 1/3 of the size of the dripper nozzle.

-Different Threaded Fittings

-Compression Fitting (This is where the change from ‘thread’ to irrigation  pipe happens.

-Pressure Compensated Dripper (Made In Israel).

The drippers are the exact ones that are used in GreenHouses and not the cheap type sold on Amazon and eBay .This is not Drip Irrigation!

We use this drip sets around the world for Medical Marijuana, Tomatoes, Strawberries and many more.

a Great video showing what’s so special about that dripper is Metzer video on their “Gali” dripper, check it out!

-Instruction Manual (Digital PDF, No need to cut more trees)

-Free Worldwide Shipping

About Galcon D7001 Timer:  Israeli well known brand in the irrigation industry , the D7001 Rate as IP68 which means is suitable for staying outside in all weather

Galcon D7001user-friendly, battery operated (DC), The battery operated controller is ideal for use in drip irrigation or sprinklers irrigation for Gardens, Pots, Raised beds, Grass and more.

more about Glacon can found here. 

The operation manual for the D7001 Can be found here: Galcon 7001D_EN_, or through Galcon website if you looking for alternative language.

The filter in our KIT Is made by Amiad water systems also based in Israel. the screen filter offers simple yet effective 130 micron net filter.

Easy maintenance: No tools required for extracting the elements from the filter housing for rinsing. (Just screw it out , rinse and bring it back )
The Filter is High quality, excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance

the ¾” filter in our KIT easily operate up to 3m³\h (13.21 Gallons per minute) with minor head loss (pressure loss).

The screen element of the filter are constructed of molded plastic ribs that
support a stainless steel weave-wire or weaved nylon mesh.

Our Drip Irrigation kit from Israel is just awesome! Here is why

-It Comes with an irrigation computer +Solenoid Valve (DC Valve, which open\close automatically using an electric command from the Galcon computer.

-Your plants will grow even if you forgot about them. (we know you are busy)

-You can go and enjoy your holiday while your plants never stay dehydrated

-You save water. The Dripper will supply your plants direct irrigation as close as possible to the root zone while keeping all the rest dry and clean.

-You can use the Dripper to fill water to your cats

-It’s all made in Israel, the Holy Land of Drip irrigation!

-The KIT comes with Amiad Filter 130 micron. Your Dripper will stay protected from clogging for a long time.

-The Dripper In your KIT is “Pressure Compensated Drippers,” which means the first Dripper and the last have constant flow rate even if pressure the source fluctuates.

-Our Customer Service will Respond Fast, and we will be happy to assist you in building your Automatic irrigation system

-For Easy Installation, you will receive a digital (pdf), which shows very clearly how to assemble everything.

-The KIT comes with Pressure Regulator, so your Dripper will stay safe from overpressure.

-Only High-Quality products.

Important Notes:

-The system requires minimum available pressure of 6m (0.6bar \8.5 PSI) at the source (your tap).

-The system can be extended to run on the Ø16mm pipe a flow rate of 0.9m³\h equivalent to 237 Gallon\Hour. consider each dripper has a flow rate of 2.0 Liter per hour, that means you will be able to run on the supplied pipe a total of 450 drippers!!! (of course, you will not have enough spacing but at least you know that with more pipe, you will still be able to irrigate many plants. just like inside a greenhouse)

What’s in the package?

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Additional information

Weight 3.0- kg
Max Flow Rate

0.9m³\h (237 Gallon Per Hour)

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  1. Kappo

    Great KIT. already built my first mini greenhouse. the timer is so easy to work with 🙂

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