Dog Bone CNC Router

This page was created for educational use to grasp the concept of Dog Bone Transition on a CNC router.

for those of you started with CNC routing, probably after you create the model you will prepare the sheet for cutting and create the tool path (as G-CODE) , There’s a very common issue you will stumble upon . the bit is round and you sure want a flat surface for your connection : one part will seat on\inisde another in a perfect flat match.

see the images
Dog Bone CNC Router Drill Bit Size CNC


CNC Router Dxf

so what is this page about …

assuming you work on 3D, you can do the dog bone CNC transition as part of the model. there’s a guy named “caseycrogers” on GitHub that already publish a free plug-in for ‘fusion 360’.

Another way is to use the lisp program we have here that will automatically create the dogbone transition for all inner corners of a polygon on the dxf before sending to your “Maker”

the shortcut for the command is DBN . load the lisp and call the command>Select a polyline>type your CNC bit diameter (e.g. 8mm) and hit Enter.

now you have a dog-bone transition for all the inner corners.Dog Bone Lisp In Action - Autocad ,

We hope it helps 🙂  as always , leave your commnents or email us for custom LISP program devlepoment .  















Download Here: Dog Bone CNC