LISP -Divide a circle into equal parts

Origianly Written By Lee Mac and can be found here

Sometimes you get this tedious task to Divide a circle into equal parts.

As you know the angle dimension of the arc created by the division is: 360°\(number of divisions) and sometimes refer as V.The circumference of a circle is 2*π*r so each new arc length created by the division is \frac{2*\pi*r}{n}

Your final product should look like a pizza pie shape. if you need to copy or move one segment as a closed polyline you can use the BOUNDARY command . (keyboard shortcut BO)

I attached this lisp for those of you who search for a fast solution . it works great and will save you hours of work like LISP does .

There are two lisp files in the download link :

1)CBRK-Break up a circle into equal parts

2)CBRKA-Break up an arc into equal parts

Download the file and load it with APPLOAD command and type : CBRK or CBRKA in the command line to start the program

Download Link: CBRK&CBRKA 

Break up a circle into equal parts