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Drip Irrigation System Cost

 The Big Catch!


Undoubtedly, a well-planned drip irrigation project can significantly increase your system’s success. With proper planning, you can save both money and time while reducing the potential for dissatisfaction or confusion regarding the final product. When designing your field, the point is to be able to increase your ability to manage your crop, have a uniform application of water and nutrients, durable and high-quality components, reduced exposure to clogging risk, and increased production. Also, it is necessary the design allows for simplicity of not only operation but also maintenance, too.

What Makes a Successful Drip Irrigation System?

A lot has changed in the last decades. In the past, all you would ever want is a system to deliver water to crops, and that’s about it. Today, to become a successful grower, you need to have a system that meets the ET (evapotranspiration under standard conditions) demand of your crop and is capable of performing leaching, among others. Of course, you also need a system that can compensate for inefficiencies.  To tick all the boxes, you want a proper irrigation design; a design that incorporates ergonomic, agronomic, and economic consideration into your system in full balance, and not a system that cuts too many corners, which result in significant annual labor cost that is far greater than the money you would have spent on having a quality system.

How can you have all those in practice? With a system designed with easy-to-use, proven technology and always with attention to the selection of products and routine maintenance to reduce the risk of clogging.


 What you REALLY get from Big Drip Irrigation Manufacturers , and how Drip Irrigation System Cost can differ depending on your designer.

Drip Irrigation System Cost

Most big names in the field work solely for the profit and implement strategies that will always be having their clients coming back to them for more purchases. You will see that they offer free design of fields to any interested customer. Sorry to break in the bad news, but there nothing free. There is ALWAYS a catch. In this case, big drip irrigation manufacturers sell the drip laterals to their clients and all other equipment (valves, pumps, filters, air/vacuum relief vents, etc.) from various manufacturers they have agreed to work with. What this means to you, the customer, is that you don’t really get the best deal in the market, because you are only offered the equipment they want and not all the best to choose from. That aside, they slightly overprice the drip emitters. Considering that there could be thousands to hundred thousands of those in irrigation projects, overpricing equipment with such a huge waste makes them big money on your expense. In reality, when they design, they usually don’t go into the small details as they should, and design to sell more equipment. So, is design free after all? Don’t you pay a huge price for that “free” design? Sadly, people usually don’t search too much for unbiased designers and go straight to the big guys. This leads to a huge loss for them as they end up paying more and getting less. Is it what YOU want?

How do we Differ?

In a nutshell, everyone here at KIM respects their job and the people that trust us with their project. We design remarkably accurate and detailed projects, pay thorough attention to using the correct codes, and run compatibility checks with ALL related accessories and their codes (ISO, BSTD, DIN, ASTM, etc.), to name just a few.

 That said, we also model all relevant details in 3D, to avoid errors and create an automatic BOM. Needless to say, our negotiations are not limited to just a few companies that sell equipment, but include a wide spectrum of equipment manufacturers so that we provide our customers with several options, with different levels of quality equipment per budget. As you can see, you are valued indeed.

 To put it plainly, there are no shady spots or small letters in our services and THAT is the one million dollar question you should be thinking about! Drip Irrigation Sys

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