Irrigation Supplies Israel

9th September 2021

It is an undeniable fact that drip irrigation system is the key ingredient for countries to have significant impact in saving resources, cost of farming and profitability of yields. Food security is certainly a concern for the rapidly growing world’s population and this means people have to come up with better agricultural ideas to help feed the world and no country has made breakthrough in irrigation technologies than Israel.

Irrigation Supllies

Israel’s drip irrigation system has had quite significant improvements to become the leading trend setter in the world today. It is supplying the world with technologies that help tens of millions to put food on their table. One particular firm Netafim in Israel has impacted global food production by their technology which enables farmers to reap crops twice a year rather than just once as was previously experienced. The technology known as ‘Tipa’ is a very simple technology that makes use of gravity when there lacks water supply from the rural areas. The technology is also being adopted in other African countries like Kenya, South Africa, Niger and Benin.

The country is also home to many irrigation companies which produce different technologies used in the worlds irrigation market today. The companies include The AIDL watering system which manufactures plant drip watering system for potted plants. The system employs a sensor technology that detects soil moisture content and releases water to the plant in response to moisture changes.

Metzerplas Irrigation- a kibbutz based industry of micro-irrigation products and various types of pipelines, SP pipe for cold and hot water plumbing, PE pipes for water infrastructure and telecommunication, and unique drippers designed with the widest dripper inlet filter and are well suited for SDI (Sub-Surface Drip Irrigation).

Galcon- a leading manufacturer of smart monitoring and control irrigation solutions for home owners, professionals and agriculture.

Amiad-Arkal Filters -filtration solutions from independent farmers to large agricultural co-ops.

Ein-Tal irrigation systems which mainly focus on micro drip irrigation systems based on gravity which does not require water pressure systems. Sadot who are manufactures of fertigation platform and shibolet irrigation systems.  The Al-Magor Metal and Plastic Works which deals with hand tools for punching holes into irrigation pipes and tools for inserting PVC fittings, irrigation controllers and generally irrigation fittings. Electrofusion fittings are specifically made for high performance, reliability and long life span, the Plasson Company ensures all the above are meet in their fittings products. In addition to that they offer superior custom fitting designs, compatibility and automated controlling.

Micro irrigation or just drip irrigation offers different types of irrigation in it. Subsurface Drip Irrigation is a specialized type where drip line, supply and flushing units are buried beneath soil surface. The technology has been used in Southern California for around forty years now. It offers numerous advantages like delivering water and nutrients directly to the soil, allow farm personnel to easily access the field for cultural operations even when irrigation is in progress and operates at frequent intervals of varied duration to address the many farming objectives and challenges experienced.

Thanks to the Israeli’s cutting edge technology, Israel not only produces most of its own food but also able to export about $ 1.3 billion worth of agricultural products annually to the world market. The irrigation supplies Israel contributes to the world enable them to bring a further $ 1.2 billion to their economy by selling them overseas. They have achieved this great fate in drip irrigation because their farmers and scientists have had vast experience in dealing with difficult environments and limited water supply.