Drip Irrigation Design & Supplies

Drip Irrigation Design & Supplies

KIM is a small firm located in Kibbutz Amir, in the Upper Galilee of Israel. The company focuses on irrigation design, 3D modeling for pipe systems, mapping, GIS, frame design, and analysis and WEB application development for engineers.

General Information We Request from Clients

We need polygon marking over Google Earth files […]

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Plan your fruit frost protection

As winter is just around the corner, it’s a good time to review basic irrigation methods you can use for frost protection for your crops. Since ice forms inside plant cells, you need to balance heat to prevent damage done to your product. Several methods of irrigation can be used to actively prevent such damage.
Frost […]

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Getting to Know Cannabis Farming

Israel’s agricultural industry is ripening for the beginning of medical cannabis export, with the expected passage of medical export legislation by the end of the year. The timing is particularly fruitful for growers who are interested in succeeding in a new venture that is still in its infancy. The rewards are also high: Israel’s Health […]

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Drip Irrigation Design

Why Drip Irrigation Design is Crucial to Your Success
Drip irrigation is one of the most cost-effective and efficient watering methods in agriculture. It has become incredibly popular in the past 50-years and has been widely adopted by agriculturalists in dozens of countries throughout the world.

In simple term, drip irrigation works by sending water through plastic […]

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Drip Irrigation Calculator

So.. you have your field ready for planting, but you don’t know how to calculate the Flow Rate and how much drip lines you need to order from your supplier,
so here is a very cool drip-irrigation-calculator for you.
just chose the desired Area unit you are using normally (you can choose between acres or hectares) if […]

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AutoDesk Inventor Macro-Plugin-Add on

AutoDesk Inventor Macro-Plugin-Add on
AutoDesk Inventor provides the means to create macros that perform tasks or actions a user normally performs via mouse or keyboard commands. These Inventor Macros are produced using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a common scripting language used by many populate desktop applications, and as such have similar concepts and features.
Inventor Macros […]

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Land Area Measurement

Land Area Measurement and the units of measurement have historical links to agriculture. An acre was the land tillable in one day by a man with an ox drawn the plough. Traditional acres would be long, narrow strips to avoid the difficulty in turning the plough. For simple regular shapes as these or a rectangular […]

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Free LISP programs

 Free LISP programs are programs written in AutoLISP Language that is a dialect of the old LISP programming language, but specifically built for AutoCAD (Full Version, Not LT)
These programs can help drafters significantly reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, sometimes from days to seconds.
You can find many free LISP programs here on this site. There are many discussions and lots […]

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Building A Raft

Building a raft for irrigation systems can be a very useful way to hold equipment above water level or at a certain depth beneath the water.
For example: you may have suction baskets you want to keep away from the riverbed or hold maintenance equipment in the middle of a river you pump from.

There are many […]

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