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Drip Irrigation Calculator

So.. you have your field ready for planting, but you don’t know how to calculate the Flow Rate and how much drip lines you need to order from your supplier,

so here is a very cool drip-irrigation-calculator for you.

just chose the desired Area unit you are using normally (you can choose between acres or hectares) if don’t use any of the last ones I mention just do the conversion with this one

Now insert the Emitter Flow rate (in liter per hour), the distance between laterals, the distance between emitters, and if you want more then one drip irrigation lateral per crop row just add it in the box

 voila  🙂  it’s ready. not sure about which is which? check out the image!

in the upper box,  you can see the results, including your application rate (the rate that tells you how many hours you need to irrigate your plant according to agronomy detail), flow rate and the drip lateral length according to your field area.

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