Dirt Jump LISP

As one of my goals this year was to build a dirt jump park.  I started to investigate the subject. seems like the trajectory of a projectile is a nice way to calculate your jump and land. im not going to get into the physics of that so take a look at Wikipedia and collect some info.

So here is a quick “how To use”:

load the lisp to Autocad > Type “Speed” > Enter Velocity (km/h only! sorry US&A Greatest Country)Enter The Horizontal Angle as you see in the animation>Hit Enter and that’s it.  now you have a rough estimation where you are going to land.

You can use this lisp for any other rocket launching project (considering no extra propulsion after launch from the ground..)

If you are into designing dirt jump (or looking for dirt jump plans) or generally bike ramps, ping us with a message as we are currently working on something for all the woodworkers out there looking for a parametric solution (modeling in Inventor).

Note: there’s no recommendation on performing  dirt jump with this type of bike

oh, almost forget here is the LISP: bike-trajectory_v1-01

Dirt Jump Design