Autocad callout lisp

Autocad callout lisp: The lisp creates a comics style callout by clipping or creating a frame around the chosen object (Image Xref, Pdf Xref etc..).

Definitely, a powerful lisp that helps to crop image much faster and secondly adding some art to your drawing

how to use Autocad callout lisp:

load the VLX (same like you load lisp) , if your Anti-Virus give you a threat warning , please ignore. this file is safe exactly like lisp

call the command by typing CX and hit Enter.

user have two option:

  1. Rectangular 

  2. object

if you choose the Rectangular option you will create the callout without clipping any object, just the bubble.

Callout lisp

simple comics style callout

if you choose the object option you will have the ability to clip (AKA crop) the object

clip xref autocad

Autocad callout lisp


Image Callout Lisp Autocad

Image Clip Callout (Xref, Not OLE)

Download Link: callout

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