Advantages of drip irrigation

While agriculture produces food, fuel, and fiber essential for human survival, it is still dependent on water, an essential ingredient in crop production. Rainfall is the main source of water butHigh-End Drip Irrigation
when it does not occur in the right amounts and at the required time, drip irrigation provides the best alternative. Drip irrigation has been in existence for several years, and has since evolved into the best method of irrigation.

The merits of drip irrigation are noteworthy: the system pays for itself quickly, irrespective of the initial cost of installation. Shifting to drip irrigation is more of buying and learning to apply a new technology, which requires some research and an experienced company to do the design and installation. A trusted professional can custo
m drip irrigation highly for your individual operations. Before including it in your next budget, therefore, consider the following advantages:

It uses water economically

Using irrigation means that rain is scarce or unpredictable, and water becomes an important resource in this case. Drip irrigation is designed in such a manner that there is little to no waste. Where drip irrigation pipes are properly designed and laid, water loss is minimized. Drippers are placed at measured intervals inside the pipe, which means water is sustained for some time and it is delivered directly to plant roots to minimize running. Similarly, soluble fertilizers are fed to the plant together with the irrigation water instead of spraying foliar fertilizers independently, which too reduces the amount of water spent on the crops.

Reduced cost

The initial cost of setting up a drip irrigation system may be high but as mentioned before, it pays back so quickly and earns high profits. Remember, there are little to no labor costs involved especially after establishment of the system. This means once it is in place, you will only need few maintenance services and your crops are served with enough water all year round.

Prevents weed population

Choosing the right type of emitters is essential. while using a professional emitter device, weed population is decreased and the ability of the plants to utilize energy for themselves is increased. Therefore, less chemical will be used to prevent weed growth.
*Some amazing results of weed reduction showed with the use of sub-surface drip irrigation (SDI) .

It is easier to maintain

Selecting the right company or professional to design the system for you implies that you will have an efficient design that considers the future maintence of the system. Maintenance of drip irrigation is fast and easy as long as you have the set of accurate design plans that will serve you for the long run, in case you need an update or change.

In summary, drip irrigation remains one of the most highly effectively irrigation strategies. There are many Advantages of drip irrigation However, it is not a do-it-yourself installation. Consider the services of a design and installation professional and you will be treated to the best irrigation system for subsistence and commercial purposes.

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