A much Better Select Similar ! Autocad

Select Similar  LISP works in a similar manner like Autocad SELECTSIMILAR with Awesome additions, and the best thing is that you can execute the command during another command (Erase , Move , Copy etc..) by typing ‘ss. (see the video below), and also always specify the desired area so it wont work on the whole drawing. 

SS -the objects are filtered by object type, layer, color and linetype .

SSL -will select object on the same layer, ignoring object type, color or linetype.

SST- will select similar TEXT (not mtext.) You will be ask to select a source object. If you do that, the lisp will ask for the other texts containing the exact same text. If not and you just click enter, it will prompt for text pattern. The good part is that it will accept wildcards. for example, if you type “A#” it will select any of A0 A1 … A9. “A#*” will select any text stating with A, number, followed by any character(s). “A[123]” for selecting A1 A2 or A3 text (watch the video to make it clearer) 

SSB- will select blocks with the same name as the source blocks.

SSD- will select all the dimensions in the selected area. 

Download Link: SS