3D Piping Autocad LISP

Originally Written By ASME (Cadtutor User) and can be found here 

3D Piping Autocad LISP , its been online for a long time so any piper in 3D should have it

The LISP save hours of work! a really useful replacement for the standard SWEEP command .

The Command will create a pipe as 3D Solid based on the user input for Diameter.

If its your first time using LISP please check this one for simple instruction: http://www.ellenfinkelstein.com/acadblog/how-to-load-an-autolisp-program/

or search youtube for “load autocad lisp” . You can also drag the .lsp file to the current drawing ( NOTE: This Way it will  work at that drawing only! )

just download the file and load it with APPLOAD command and type : XPIPE in the command line to start the program

Download Link : XPIPE



Major improvement for this lisp came from Stefan M.

  1. Wall thickness option added

  2. Path stays if you choose so

  3. option to create the pipe without any path, user choose 2 points and 3D pipe will be created

  4. If you use the option above, you now have the option to create the path post 3D pipe has been created

  5. To call the command type CSS (after loading the VLX file) 

  6. Download the file here

  7. Enjoy 🙂

See Gif below

3D Piping Autocad[/fusion_text]