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How does Drip Irrigation Work

Through a network of emitters, valves, tubing, and pipes, water drips slowly to the roots of the plants, either directly onto the root zone or onto the surface. Unlike overhead irrigation that produces runoff, drip irrigation is considerably more controlled and directly supplies the roots (which is where the plant needs it) with water. To do that, drip emitters (the size of a quarter) located on the ground slowly release water in a very steady fashion. A feeder hose connects emitters to a water source

What can we do for You

You can only have real benefits if your drip irrigation system is properly designed as it is a complex system and required advanced expertise. This is where WE come in, with a team of highly skilled professionals that can not only design a detailed and highly efficient drip irrigation system with the use of the latest in technology, but also present you a 3D model (via 3D CAD software) of that design so you get the closest to reality it can be, way before you can actually see it implemented. That way, any changes or updates will be more accurate and much faster.

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Whether you’re preparing a proposal for an irrigation project or searching for an effective solution to maximize your project’s budget, high-quality system designs, photo-realistic visualization, and precision-accurate maps give your business with a competitive advantage.  

At KIM Engineering Solutions, our team of professional engineers and system designers work with clients around the globe to provide Accurate Drip Irrigation, Sprinklers, & Pivot Design; Hydraulic Analysis for Pipeline Networks; 3D Models & Installation Drawings; Detailed & Cost effective BOM (Bill Of Material); and, High-End Render Visualization.

Secure your next irrigation project with top engineers and system designers from Israel!