Drip Irrigation Design Including Precise 3D Modeling For Piping Systems

Drip irrigation is a highly effective method to provide your crops with all the nutrients and water they need to grow. Research has shown that drip irrigation saves you about 50% of the water you’d have spent using a sprinkler (for the majority of crops), plus you reduce the use of fertilizers significantly. What does this mean to you? Elevated chances for increased revenue and crop yields.

How does Drip Irrigation Work

Through a network of emitters, valves, tubing, and pipes, water drips slowly to the roots of the plants, either directly onto the root zone or onto the surface. Unlike overhead irrigation that produces runoff, drip irrigation is considerably more controlled and directly supplies the roots (which is where the plant needs it) with water. To do that, drip emitters (the size of a quarter) located on the ground slowly release water in a very steady fashion. A feeder hose connects emitters to a water source, but you may also find drip irrigation systems that use a hose with built-in drip emitters (called trickle tape variation).

Drip Irrigation: Why Bother?

Besides being provided with utmost control, a well-installed and properly maintained drip irrigation system is:
Extremely economic, given the amounts of water and fertilizer you save from its usage.
Increases crop yield through improved water management; thus minimizes fertilizer/nutrient loss.
Particularly precise; hence significantly reduces water running off wastefully.
More cost-effective, given the lower operating pressures and extensive automation available.
Efficient as it allows the plant foliage to remain dry, which reduces disease pressure. Plus, you can apply fertilizer much more efficiently through the drip system.
More effective in weed control (water applications are made only to the root zone of the plant, not any other non-productive area).
Liberating, as it allows you to continue field operation during irrigation (areas between the rows remain dry).
Health-secure and environmental-friendly. The ground water does not mix with fertilizers and no soil erosion occurs.
Applicable to a wide range of fields, even those irregularly shaped.

Of course, we are just scratching the surface, but unquestionably, the benefits you get from drip irrigation are definitely significant.

What can we Do for You

You can only have these benefits if your drip irrigation system is properly designed as it is a complex system and required advanced expertise. This is where WE come in, with a team of highly skilled professionals that can not only design a detailed and highly efficient drip irrigation system with the use of the latest in technology, but also present you a 3D model (via 3D CAD software) of that design so you get the closest to reality it can be, way before you can actually see it implemented. That way, any changes or updates will be more accurate and much faster.

Worrying about the Bill Of Materials (BOM) for pricing and shipping? We will take care of that, too, no matter where in the world you are!

Note: 3D drawing and BOM are derivatives of the 3D Model, which reduces errors, and saves you time and money from installation costs. What is even better is that when a change is done in the 3D Model, all drawing and BOM are updated accordingly, in a super-accurate and fast fashion!

Want advanced field techniques that minimize fertilizer use and maximize irrigation efficiency? Check out our revolutionary water management system here!

Note: Most of the equipment is manufactured to the highest standards existing, in Israel.

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