Our services

  • 3D modeling For piping systems, design for process piping, pressure vessels, irrigation rooms, GreenHouse water systems, breweries, and more.
  • Sheet Metal, Tanks Design, Preparation of outputs to CNC, Fiber Laser, Bending machine and more.
  • Project Visualization. Render images and animations.
  • Mapping Services. Autocad \ GIS
  • Irrigation Engineering. Open Fields, GreenHouse,  Center Pivots. Pump Station Design, Filtration System.
  • Direct Integration With local factories in Israel for piping and irrigation supplies

About Us

At KIM Engineering Solutions, our team of professional engineers and system designers work with clients around the globe to provide intelligent designs for your piping system.

We understand the cost savings using proper design and the benefits of using the right tools.
Using 3D CAD, we create a beautiful design that reflects the model in real life. We also prepare drawings and plans for assemblies, Welding, CNC Machines, Sheet Metal, Laser Cutters, and more. So, Have quiet while letting us take care of the design from concept to Bill Of Materials, manufacturing, and assembly.
Call us today for consulting, discussing your project, design cost, and time frame for your projects.


Our works

Large Scale Project

Pump Station


Drawing Views

piping process 3D

3D Piping

Pump Station

Assemblies Render

Raw Water filtration

Shipping Container Pump House With Filters


Shipping Container Pump House+Filters


GreenHouse Piping System 3D


Process Piping 3D, Drawing Views

Process Piping 3D

Colored Drawing View

Drip Irrigation

Irrigation Head On-Site


Hydraulic Network Analysis

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